How to stop the cycle of abuse ✋

Will Trauma ever go away?

No, but with effective evidence-based treatment, symptoms can be managed well and can remain dormant for years, even decades. But because the trauma that evokes the symptoms will never go away, there is a possibility for those symptoms to be “triggered” again in the future.

Trauma is very real and painful

With experiencing narcisstic abuse and you were also a victim of child abuse, perhaps you have sudden feelings of shame or get sudden panic attacks. You may also have extreme mood swings from anger to sadness and even depression. You may not even know why this is happening and you find yourself all curled up wanting to be alone. Although you may no longer be in those situations, you are experiencing the after fact and with our daily lives there are still things that we hear and see that can trigger us to feel this way. This is very overwhelming and difficult to experience since others think that you are just angry for no reason, yet although you don’t know the reason for your actions, they are very normal. You will have sudden irrational behaviour that will cause you to feel so vulnerable or hurt. Allow it to occur and say to yourself that you are okay and that everything is safe now. Allow yourself to heal. Very importantly, give yourself time to heal. You can still experience this many years later and find yourself asking, what is going on since those sudden feelings are confusing.

You may also be angry or find yourself reasons to be angry with your loved one for no apparent reason. You are fighting and releasing the pain onto others for your pain needs to be heard, yet you find yourself having no irrational explanation for this.

Learn to recognize the symptoms and allow yourself to heal and most importantly allow yourself to be loved.

Although trauma will never cure, you can learn and understand the symptoms to allow yourself to heal in your life and to live a healthier way.

Remember that there is nothing wrong with you, however it is the situation or the abuse that was not healthy.

Namaste 🙏