How to stop the cycle of abuse

Tune into that energy of abundance and let go of fear and negativity

It is a cycle that is vicious since you subconsciously not realizing it, yet it is a karmic cycle that is happening over and over unless you change it! It is unbelievable how we are so brainwashed in negative ways that we actually look forward to how we can express those negative emotions with one another. We operate in a state of lack versus in a state of gratitude. We are programmed to be a certain way that seeks approval where being different is a code of hopelessness. How can we possibly achieve greatness with ourselves where the bars are lifted that virtually no one can reach? The answer to this question is, “STOP!” Rewire that nonsense you’ve learned, and start, “OVER.” Operating in a higher consciousness will lead you to another way of life. Things that seemed important, have no longer value and you will appreciate every efforts going forth. It is a way of life where there is fulfillment instead of lack and when you hit that alignment, everything will be natural state of flow. When you can learn to switch of fear and turn on faith, you have love and that is everything. Nothing seems impossible anymore since it is within you. There are no more differences or comparisons, it is just a matter of balance. When you can rewire yourself to that state of being, you have IT!!

It is by taking risks and following your heart’s desires that you will find happiness🙏

It is not a simple process as it seems. There will be patience and time required to heal within and find balance. There will be times where you are going to doubt everything and you may find yourself lost within the system. This is all going to help you find balance and love within yourself. Be humble and accept this part of the process. Accept the times of depression and the times of real happiness. Although everything seems like an emotional roller coaster, it will get better and you will see the changes happening. In order to heal we need to accept and release everything that has not worked for us.

We are so much more valuable to ourselves and to society. There is no one that can ever take that power away from you unless you allow it. Therefore live in the NOW and appreciate the beautiful soul you truly are. There is nothing that is lacking in your natural state of being.


Namaste 🙏

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