How to stop the cycle of abuse πŸ€š

The story of Krissy Wright

We keep asking ourselves why is abuse happening to me? Why am I being treated this way? What did I do to deserve this? And one of my biggest questions are, why is abuse accepted? Now you are probably thinking that this is not true and how can this be possibly accepted?

We are allowing it to happen, not consciously, however subconsciously. Although everyone is saying it is not happening to me, it is happening all around the world. People are ignorant especially when it comes to themselves. When it comes to power over humanity the greed of any ones way will lead the way no matter the consequences.

The important one that makes it for all, for when it all started, it started with ourselves. We need to stop abusing ourselves today! We need to look in the mirror and see our own reflection. It is the reflection within ourselves that has the answer to all our doubts, insecurities, un faithfulness, greed, expectations, lessons, anger, war, to all our questions as to why we are living in abuse. Our reflection holds the very truth of our humanity. It is not with one that the other is superior to the Lord, we are the one, the only way, the only light.

β€œSpread out your love and I will be there. I will be there as a gift of life and I will hold you in forever peace with love that is the only way of life. You spread love, you spread life, you spread me, God. I don’t tell you how to live or how to act, since it is through you that I live. I speak to everyone and I say this. Close your eyes and feel your heart, feel your very chest, the very air you breath, feel your skin and open your eyes, you are now awake. Awake to me, awake to life, awake to love the only way. You seek shelter, breath, you seek guidance than seek it with your heart, you seek answers, seek it within yourself. I have giving everything you ever needed. It is right here. Love is the only answer!”


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