“I AM”

The power of affirmations and how it gave me strength

One day I was thinking about affirmations as I sat down. I had a sip of my coffee and I thought to myself, “lets give it a try and see where it leads me?”

I pulled out this old journal and every morning with a cup of coffee, I sat down and wrote my affirmations. I was not looking for love, however I was looking for a change in my life. I was in a toxic relationship that was not serving me and things have gotten rather difficult. I wanted to give my daughter a better life and I knew that if I stayed, that I would do her more harm. However I did not have the financials and the confidence to get out where I was. It was the sort of situation where I felt like I had no options and I was trapped. Every day as I sat there doing my affirmations and surely as if the Universe was tapping on my shoulders to show me the way, things started falling to place. I’ve started changing and what I was attracting into my life started changing. Once I tapped into that dimension, I also received signs and guidance as to what it is I had to do. It was not my voice, it was a very distinctive voice, a very reassuring voice that would confirm that I was already feeling. I call it the voice of God. I started having premonition dreams that I would meet my soulmate, get married and have a child together. In the dream it was represented to me in a form of symbols. I never actually thought that it would be possible and I actually gave up the thought of having another child after my daughter. A year shortly after, I met him, and we got married and we have a son. This is so powerful and amazing at the same time. Affirmations truly work since they change your subconscious thinking and bring you to a higher realm where the flow just comes to you. Be patient with yourself and don’t expect this to work over night kind of thing. It will take as much time needed until you are truly healing within to be in the flow of energy source. I would also recommend to continue doing the affirmations to be in the flow of receiving.

Here are some examples of affirmations that can be used and I would definitely write them down as it is more effective.

I AM worthy

I AM love

I AM Happiness

I AM one with higher consciousness

I AM Enough

I AM Beautiful

I AM Wealthy

I AM Intelligent

I AM Loved

I AM Light

I AM Swimming in an ocean with endless opportunities, wealth and abundance

I AM powerful

I AM sure of what I want and I get what I want

I AM Rich

I AM Attracting abundance into my life now

I AM Attracting Love into my life now

I AM One with the Creator and the Creator is one with me

I AM Magnificent

I AM Now receiving good and graciously into my life

Write them down as many times you like during the day and include meditation or take up yoga classes along with it. Watch how your life will start to change. Whatever change you do experience noted down either by clicking the link below or by leaving comments so that others can be encouraged through this experience.

Many blessings on your journey!


Namaste 🙏🏻

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