Finding my “True Love”

“The Poetry of Krissy Wright”

When you can let go and find true love, it is a blessing. Sometimes in order to appreciate the greatness we first need to walk through the darkness to see the light. When you can find someone who really loves you, hold on to them. This is the real deal. I am here to tell you to follow your heart and see where it guides you. I have followed mine and it has taken me out of a toxic relationship to man who truly loves me the way I AM. This has come to me in a point in my life where I wasn’t looking for love, however I was finding love with myself. By learning how to love myself, I have found soulmate.

True love

There are times I can’t comprehend

How I could ever feel this way

There are times where I am in disbelieve

With the amount of love you give to me

How you can be this perfect kind

My only kind

There is something between you and me

That in words we can’t describe

Yet it is filled with warmth and desire

Where when we touch it is hot like fire

You burn through my veins and shiver through my skin

you are the only one that takes away all the pains

You are my beginning to a road with no ends

With possibilities that holds miracles

A guidance of true love

We will never part

You are my only

The only kind

That will ever touch me

The way you do

As I have no words to explain this truth

Baby, I really really love you

Dedicated to my husband Shaun Pearson


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