How do you really find Abundance in the world we live in today?

Is it possible to be happy in the world that is so unsatisfied and so very imbalanced? Is it even possible to find peace when there is so much hatred ? How do you keep faith and be positive in the most challenging times ?

I have learned that I have to look beyond this and instead of looking outward at what is going on around me, I have to look inward in what is going on within me.
Happiness comes with a choice of acceptance, presence and having Faith in the unknown.

To be happy and to feel happy are a state of being. I can either chose to be positive of how I choose to look at a situation or I can choose to react negatively. I can decide for myself to stay in a toxic relationship that gives me grief or I can make the choice to leave it and learn from it. When there is a will, there is a change in the way we make choices and with our lifestyle. It does not come with wanting everyone else to change, yet it has to do with ourselves being the change. Very often and even today at times I let fear control my life instead of having faith. Therefore I do not allow myself to take chances and to let go. The moment that I can let go and release the fear, I am free! There is so much more to life that we can possibly comprehend. Understanding that we need to find Happiness within ourselves gives us the opportunity to change. It also gives us the opportunity to heal that has hurt us and wisdom. We learn to grow and become a better version of ourselves. When we can heal the wound that is within us, we can clear whatever we have learned to survive. We create this barrier and protection and let fear guide us to not get hurt again. This is what is blocking us from abundance.

Neal Donald Walsh wrote books about, “Conversations with God” and some of the quotes I find very fascinating.

“that what you do to others, you do to yourself; what you fail to do for others, you fail to do for yourself; that the pain of others is your pain, and the joy of others your joy, and that when you disclaim any part of it, you disclaim a part of yourself. Now is the time to reclaim yourself. Now is the time to see yourself again”

Neale Donald Walsch, The Complete Conversations with God

“This one simple change—seeking and finding peace within—could, were it undertaken by everyone, end all wars, eliminate conflict, prevent injustice, and bring the world to everlasting peace. There is no other formula necessary, or possible. World peace is a personal thing! What is needed is not a change of circumstance, but a change of consciousness.”

Neale Donald Walsch, The Complete Conversations with God

I highly recommend reading his books. They are absolutely inspiring and amazing read. It has come to me in the right time where I was asking a lot of questions. I can tell you that this book has changed how I perceive this life and how I see God.

Therefore, If we don’t like the way the World is operating, we need to change the way we operate within. There is how we can find true abundance and happiness in our lives and on this Earth.


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