“The Poetry Of Krissy Wright

“The Now”

In the moment of silence
I speak
I seek
I thrive in the very moment
As I close my eyes
I feel
I am alive
I know open my eyes
I am awake

I let go of fear
I breath
I am conscious
A great silence in space
filled with gratitude
I am love
I feel mercy in its grace
I was once asleep
Universe, I am now awake

The Earth is my teacher
I observe
I learn
I reconnect with my true being
My awareness
Now in this very present
This very gift of life
I am silent
I am now awake

Stillness speaks
The language of life
In the Now
This Moment
I breath
I am alive

Look within
sense it
This is where it starts
This is where it ends
Listen to the tune
We are one

Written by K.P

Namaste 🙏

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