How to stop the cycle of abuse ✋

Toxic Relationships

Why stay in a relationship when you are not happy? Why stay in a relationship that doesn’t treat you right and feeds you what you need? Why stay in a relationship that is unfaithful and disrespectful to your needs? Why put up with it every single day? The questions can go on, yet how many of us will find an excuse for each of them. Now the next question that I have is this; If this was a friend or your children or even a coworker that is having those troubles in their relationship, what advice will you give them? I bet that your excuses are now turned to the opposite and say something completely different. There are no excuses.

We are our own individual self perfectly made in the light of the universe for our soul to recreate with our reflection. “Soul mate”

When we are with the wrong person no matter how much you try, it will lead to misery either way. Something inside you will always feel empty and no matter what good day you may have, that emptiness will remain. How many times do you feel this void and you can’t answer why really, yet it is unavoidable.

Be with someone that makes you happy and loves you for the unique way you truly are.”

When you continue to find excuses to remain in a relationship that does not serve you, you will stop yourself from finding the right match in your life.

You deserve to be treated with love. You deserve to be in love and enjoy the time with your partner. You will notice that you are feeling complete and exited to be with your partner. Also you will grow with them and learn from them a lot about yourself and that realisation will bring wisdom and fulfilment in your life.

If you are afraid of letting go because you are afraid of making the biggest mistake, note that this is already your confirmation to let go!

“Remember this”

If you have to change in order to please someone else, you are not in the right place and it is time to change direction.

Namaste 🙏

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