How to stop the cycle of abuse ✋

We create our reality through our subconscious thoughts and upbringing

Krissy since young age learned to live a life that was a very negative. A negative cycle Krissy sees happening in her environment and subconsciously manifesting in her life. Questions people keep having is, “why does this keep happening to me, or why is life not fair? How did I end up in my mother’s or father’s shoes?” We can only change if we go within and acknowledge a pattern. How did we grow up and what were we taught as children? If you were taught that life is difficult,[ that you have to work hard to earn a living, that life isn’t fair, well this is what you are creating subconsciously in your reality. There is always a way that we feel and what we feel is not wrong or right however a pattern that is established. A pattern of,” I feel depressed, ” will manifest to reality, just as much as if” I feel wonderful, “will manifest. So if we have a thought pattern of how to feel, act, say, live ect. Subconsciously you are living that.
For example, life can be fair if you make it a pattern of thinking it. Our minds are so powerful, the most powerful tool you ever need to step out or in a cycle.

Therefore as children we copy a lot of behaviour that we see, especially those whom we are guided by. However when there is no proper guidance than there is distraction and confusion with others and within ourselves. When as a child you are told boys don’t cry or girls are sissy, because you are in pain after hurting yourself, or your sad after losing something special to you. Why are we being guided saying that to be strong you don’t feel or to hide it. A normal reaction to pain is to cry. We feel something and we are told “not to feel.” How are we to love ourselves when we are explained that what we feel is not to be. This is what started with me and how I manifested this negativity reality. The simple basic nature of a baby is to cry when they are hungry, or to cry because they are in discomfort, or to laugh because they feel joyous and yet we are denied that basic instinct to uphold an image that society has created for us. We can’t see this, yet unfortunately it is happening in our environment.

It is so important to knowing who you are.” Knowing who you are opens doors to all possibilities. Knowing who you are can get you out of a cycle that hurts you. Knowing who you are can lead you from negative relationships to your soul mate. Knowing who you are can lead to places and jobs that serve you. Knowing who you are opens the gateway of freedom.
Why is it important?
You are not pretending to be someone your not and that includes everything else that comes along with it. Change is action. Freedom is choosing and to live is being who you are!

Namaste 🙏

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