How to stop the cycle of abuse ✋

This is where it all starts with hatred around the world, religion, war, racism, domestic violence and other crimes where we defriend ourselves and become our worst enemy. It starts with us human beings.

Fear and self-hatred become our nightmare and unfortunate miss self-treatment in the universe. We are very likely to blame and hate everyone around us where in truth we hate ourselves our reflection of the mirror, deep in our eyes the reflection of all things lived, pain and suffering. We are hurting our own inner being, our own reality.

Our selflove comes from childhood and how we learn to perceive our environment and upbringing.

Children need to be in a home that is respectful, loving and Supportive. They need proper guidance. How are parents contributing to that matter if they are hurting or have a past that did not have proper guidance. In fact many parents today admit that they did not want to repeat what happened in their homes, however are finding themselves doing just that?

As children we look up to our parents. We want to make them happy and proud of us. This also can have a twisted turn when we don’t get the attention we need. As children, we are very sensitive and vulnerable. This is the importance of childhood and how we become as Adults. How we look at life and the choices we make starts as children, therefore as parents we need to heal to ensure positive upbringing of our children. Let them be free of your suffering and regrets so that we may prosper. It starts right now with us. Together we can heal ourselves and make this world a better place to live.

Namaste 🙏

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