How to stop the cycle of abuse ✋

Teenage depression

The story of Krissy Wright

Teenage depression is serious and not to be overlooked. They won’t look like they are and they won’t tell you that they are depressed, in fact they will make it look like everything is fine until they close the doors.

What happens behind close doors is actually really frightening. The problem is that they are very good with putting on a mask and have their parents and friends fooled.

I remember in high school we had an assignment to hand in and we could choose any topic that was important to us.

I have chosen this topic depression since I know it was touching the life’s of a lot of people especially younger teenagers. With today’s pressure and society it is difficult to get by. I remember only being 15 years old and I was able to hand in a complete report about depression and their symptoms without research. I also had to present it in class where my teacher was left speechless. My classmates clapped their hands and I remembered how lucky I was to have survived depression.
Unfortunately this does not happen with everyone and loved ones are left behind wondering what has happened and why suicide?
Depression is a silent killer and we need to be aware.

There is no rational decision with depression. The pain is so real and unbearable that all they seek is closure. “I just want it to stop!” I remembered saying to my self. It is out of control and we can’t make healthy choices when we are in that state of mind. That is why help is needed for teenagers or anyone undergoing depression.

If they start hiding in their rooms or sleeping the majority of time, when you see or hear them crying silently or any type of addictive behaviour, get help! Don’t wait it out or say it is nothing, because in the end those decisions can result negatively.

Namaste 🙏

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