How to stop the cycle of abuse ✋


How can we overcome anxiety?Is there even a way that we can go without it? For those of you who are struggling with anxiety, it is very difficult at times. You don’t know what is happening to your body that moment since it actually feels like a heart attack. It is so scary at times. It can completely change you, leaving you with irrational behaviour or extreme mood swings. When Anxiety hits, it literally takes over you leaving you out of control and helpless.

I remember waking up in the middle of night with cold sweats, shivering along with heart palpitations, feeling like I couldn’t catch my breath.

We live in survival, on guard 24/7.We can’t eat sometimes or sleep or even think straight at time. You can’t help wonder, “what if….” You feel your heart race, and you are tired all the time. Before you know, you have physical symptoms like stomach issues, weight issues, concentration problems, and depression.

Third step, everything happens for a reason. Your body experiences those emotions since it is a cycle of a continuous matter that is affecting you. So we need to ask questions that go within. For example, “where is this feeling coming from? Or why am I reacting like this now? Like I said, everything happens for a reason. Find the reason and you find your medicine to heal anxiety. Everything on a timely matter. you will start to feel better and in control and before you know it is no longer with you.

Therefore you learn to manage your anxiety and live a better life.

Namaste 🙏

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