How to stop the cycle of abuse

The story of Krissy Wright

There was a moment in my life where I didn’t take care of myself, where everyone else’s needs came before mine. With years of not making my needs priority, I’ve started noticing how I was feeling. I starting feeling as if I was always sick and really tired. I would look myself in the mirror and I actually looked sick. Everything was aching and I absolutely had no energy. Eventually, I am noticing that no matter how hard I tried to please everyone, it was never enough. I had to draw a line and that line starts with myself.

I am worthy and I deserve

When you take the time to actually take care of yourself, you are taking care of something so much greater than you actually comprehend. Imagine as if the Univers is saying to you, “Thank you.” It is amazing the change you will experience when you make yourself priority. It is healing in so many areas in your life. Now you might think that it is selfish and how can you take care of your children or your family and other things that are actually priority? Well, let’s reverse the question; how can you take care of your loved ones if you can’t take care of yourself? How can you take care of things that are important, when you are so drained, because you did not take the time to heal your body? It is not selfish, however it is important and necessary.

I’ve noticed how I’ve started feeling when I actually make myself priority to take care of myself. I could feel the energy and the excitement to continue with my day. I actually started feeling that I was productive and I got more things done than I did before. I looked really good. Actually I’ve discovered my beautiful self and I actually liked looking in the mirror more and more. I not only felt better, however I am better. I found myself, my strength and confidence to change whatever did not suit me anymore. My life changed and I actually started living instead of surviving.

Be the change today! Now is the time to heal and be the best version of yourself!

Be safe and be happy!

Namaste 🙏 🌈 💛

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