How to stop the cycle abuse

The story of Krissy Wright

I honestly could not tell what love was since I could not actually feel it only defend it. There is a difference to have love and to defend love. I couldn’t tell you how many times in my life I had to give excuses or justify why I did what I did. At some point you just don’t feel anything anymore and that is the time to open your eyes. Your heart never lies and I know that now.

Today, I am married. Not only am I married, I married the man who loves me for me! You see…I’ve never thought that I was that kind of person that is capable of having someone love ME. Yet here he is and for the first time in my life, I know now what it feels to love. I don’t have to try anything or find excuses, it is there and I can feel it! It is a love that is teaching, yet for filling in every way. I honestly can say that, ” whatever your heart says, listen!” I followed my heart and it lead me to my husband, who absolutely is my Angel!

You may find yourself right now in a situation where change is not an option. However, if you don’t take risks in your life, you might be a step back from true happiness. My Angels and Guides said to me in a time of doubt, ” follow your heart and the rest will follow!” And wow is it ever true! No matter how hard it seems now, don’t let that risk pass you by! Don’t deny it, however try it!

Sometimes the heart speaks to us in so may ways, yet we find excuses why our hearts lie. Yet it is the heart that is the way to the truth! It will never let you down.

This is the moment everything changed for me. I know that I could no longer be in that place and that I had to follow my heart! It is by that change that I can now say, I am now with a man that sees me and I never have to lie again. This is freedom! This is love!

“Change is the experience and the wisdom to know the difference of remaining or continuing a path to our awakening journey that is now our source to love.”

Namaste 🙏

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