The story of Krissy Wright

This is my first page in my diary, where I bring you in my journey of my cycle of abuse.

Page 1

My question was always, “what did I do to deserve this?” I kept thinking over and over again why I felt what I felt and I couldn’t seem to shake it off. I had this need, this urge to run away so far where I could not be found, yet there was this tiny feeling lost whitin wishing someone would find me. That someone would actually really see me! I hated absolutely the thought of being with people who couldn’t care less about me since it hurts. I rather be in my own company than being with anyone who doesn’t want me. Unfortunately there were so many of them. It really hurts! Again I ask, “what did I do to deserve this?”

My soul screams and my heart is aching…

“God!!! Why did you create me when no one wants me? Why am I here when I am so useless? What is wrong with me?”

I always thought that human beings were good in heart and that they don’t mean it. I believe that everyone can make mistakes, because somewhere deep within I believe they can hear me…

Yet this sudden panic comes to me when I ask myself, “But what if they didn’t?”

All I ever wanted was to be a accepted. Perhaps if I looked differently, I would? Perhaps if I wasn’t so weird as they say I am…

“I am sorry!” Seems to be coming out of my mouth a lot lately. Why do I have to apologize everytime for being myself?

I don’t understand Universe,what are we creating here…

To be continued

3 thoughts on “The story of Krissy Wright

  1. Yes, I do believe in the hurt to really understand the cruelty and pain applied to you and on you it’s no joke nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors only you and the abuser and yes you want to know why me, this isn’t real love and to me it’s embarrassing, guilty and yes I wanted revenge however I felt that he was not worth me going to jail for someone so worthless. It was a matter of life or death situation where I suffered from from the abusive treatment I received from this worthless person. Really appreciate you coming out to reveal your truth and be able to help others in an abusive situation kudos to you and blessings and love to get up again and keep it moving be well.


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